Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby shoes.....who knew?

A while back, I ran across a bunch of vintage white baby shoes during one of my pickin' adventures.  They were so cute and I knew I could do something with them, so I bought them all.  I ended up altering them into photo holders, pin cushions and bird nests and they sold well at various craft shows.  They make the best baby shower gifts but also look cute in a shabby chic decor, changing out the photo or saying to reflect the holidays or just as you like.  I only have a few left now.  But here's a peek at some I will be bringing to Glitterfest this Saturday!

It's been awhile.....

Sorry friends, that I have been missing for a couple of months.  I had a loss in the family that really took a toll.  Then the birth of my sweet granddaughter turned our holidays upside down.  I'm doing much better now and I will be participating once again in Glitterfest Spring 2015.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Glitterfest Hangover

Well my crafty friends, Glitterfest is officially over and now I've got a Glitterfest hangover!  Surrounded by so much luscious crafty awesomeness and uber creative people in the last 24 hours, I am utterly spent!  Not to mention, I worked so hard for this show and so hard during the show, that now I'm in recovery mode.  But it was definitely worth it!

The show itself is just so awesome and every single booth/table is a smorgasbord for the eyes. You really need to allow plenty of time to just take it all in.  Clay figures, wacky wool and felt dolls, waxed sculptures, glittered animal figurines, dazzling rhinestone tiaras, glittery bottle brush trees in all colors and sizes.....I was virtually drunk with inspiration!

The best part was seeing the customers reactions to my own creations. My table was littered with fancy antique plate party platters, whimsical Christmas villages fit for a fairy and the faces of sweet little vintage girls smiling from vintage tart tin ornaments.  Peoples faces really lit up as they perused the items before making a purchase.  My favorite moment was when a little girl, about 7, walked up and exclaimed "I want to live here!" as she pointed to my table.

Overall, the show was a success on many levels.  I sold a good amount of course, but I also met some great people, handed out a ton of business cards, collected 2 pages of emails from new enthusiasts and received a request for submission from an editor at my favorite publisher...Stampington!

I loved this show as an attender in the past and now I hope to continue to be a part of it as a vendor!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Problem with Pretty Plates!

Oh dear.  I must address my current obsession with beautiful plates, antique or otherwise.

Now this isn't really a new obsession, heaven knows I've been collecting them forever.  But once I realized I could make something really cool to sell at the craft shows, give as gifts, etc. my obsession took a ridiculous turn, dragging me along for the ride!

Once given a legitimate reason for collecting these little gems, my addiction went full throttle!  I started buying them up by color, by size, by thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales.....anywhere I could get a good deal.  They began to collect on the bed in the guest room, forming rickety towers in the hallway....heck, I even cleared out shelves in my linen closet.  Who needs towels when you have a stack of Liberty Blue beauties in need of a home!? 

Well, okay.  Enough said.  Now take a look at a few of the incredible serving pieces I have been creating with all that china.....just in time to sell at......GLITTERFEST!

Aren't they GORGEOUS!!?  I really enjoy making them too....and it's a good thing since I have enough product now to make a gazillion!!

Be sure to stop by Glitterfest if you can and have a peek at the beautiful works of art I've been creating with my Pretty Plate Obsession!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Hello friends and vintage lovers!

I hope you're ready for lots of fall festivals and holiday boutiques because it is now OFFICIALLY AUTUMN!!

Truth be told.....I'm not as big a fall lover as some folks I know, but once those adorable autumn decorations start showing up in the stores, I know that my FAVORITE HOLIDAY is not too far away........CHRISTMAS!  Please don't hate me, I know it's too early for most people to even think about, but I just love it!  Can't help myself. 

I've been working on Christmas stuff all year to sell at Glitterfest and other holiday craft shows.  Check out these sweet vintage-y ornaments I'll be selling at Glitterfest:

Come by and check out this really cool show if you can.  You will be amazed!!

Oct. 11, 2014
10:00 - 4:00
Admission: $7
1960 South Anaheim Way
Anaheim, CA.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hello everyone!  We're having a crazy hot indian summer out here in southern California!  Can't really complain, though, since the summer as a whole has been beautiful.  Besides, I've been spending most of my time burrowed in my craft room under the cool shelter of air conditioning.  That's because I've been busy making beautiful crafty treasures to take to GLITTERFEST!

Before I go any further, let me just extend a happy invitation to everyone to come and check it out!  Here's all the info:

Oct. 11, 2014
10:00 - 4:00
Admission: $7
1960 South Anaheim Way
Anaheim, CA.

And here's a sneak peek at one of the gorgeous Christmas Villages I've been making:

I just love making these pretties!  They are loaded with detail and sparkle and are pretty enough to keep out all year!  You will definitely fall in love!
That's it for today, but stay tuned because I will be posting more pics of the delightful treasures I'll be selling at GLITTERFEST!  Can't wait to see your sweet faces at the show!!!
Love and hugs,
Sandy the Vintage Mouse 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hey there friends, family & kindred spirits!

I am soooo excited to announce that I will be selling my handmade vintage treasures at GLITTERFEST this fall!

If you've never been to this amazing show, you MUST come and check it out!  Sooo many creative souls selling their uber-incredible crafty wares.  I am thrilled to be included in the lineup! In addition, there are vendors selling really cool craft supplies too.

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of my crafty creations that will be for sale at the show!